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To all subcontractors, please don’t be stood over by Builders. We currently engaged Anthony from Contractors Debt Recovery to help us recover $45,800.00 from a major builder who, as most of them think don’t have to pay their final accounts, on the pretence that subbies are all small and wont chase it up through the courts due to the time and money it would cost. After speaking to Anthony he told us how to protect ourselves against this occurring and how to go about recovering the monies owing.

Thanks To Anthony and his team after a period of 2 months we recovered our outstanding Monies, and now have it in our Bank where it belongs. Yes there was a cost but nowhere near if we had gone legal; and the time saved was enormous. I would encourage any subbie to speak to Anthony and his team if in the position we found ourselves in.

An overwhelming thank you to the Support of Anthony and Melanie from CDR! When we thought we would never see the money owed to us for contracts completed over 12 months ago!

With all your guidance and support and the patience with a new client the experience has been easy and ending in excellent results for our small business. We would HIGHLY recommend your services to those stuck. Your company will be who we turn to if we ever need help again... The kindest thank you C&K.

Anthony, thank you for your assistance in the above matter it was your knowledge of the act and the way you presented our case that gave us the determination that we were looking for.

I never thought they would give in; thought they would take next step and defend the discussion and with the cost of that we would have had to give in. This morning it was to our delight that we found a deposit from them for $51,340.00 in our account.

Again thank you and will be in touch if ever we require your assistance again (let me say I hope not but we do work in the Building Industry).

I just wanted to thank you very much for the successful outcome of the claim for non-payment of final invoices from the builder I was contracted to do work for. As a small subcontractor bricklayer, it is a minefield of legalities that sees me way out of my depth and throughout the whole process the CDR team were extremely positive, professional and persistent in the pursuit of recovering my monies and guiding me throughout the whole process every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome 100% funds and expenses recovered. I would not hesitate to pass on your details to other contractors who may find themselves in the same situation and can't thank you enough for everything you have done.

Many thanks for helping us get paid for work we had carried out on a project. Our client dug his heels in and flatly refused to pay for work done. You (CDR) submitted a professional adjudication submission which led to a painless process resulting in us receiving the full amount owed. Thank you again and we would not hesitate recommending Anthony and his team in the future.

Many thanks to Anthony and Melanie from CDR team for all your insight and support.

Our experience once again has been excellent, results excellent, and we highly recommend your services. We will not hesitate to use again.

We are a plumbing company and owed a reasonable size debt from a large contracting firm. We were recommended to Contractors Debt Recovery by another subcontractor and never looked back. Anthony and his team went to work straight away. We had hased this money for a considerable amount of time and effort but with Contractors Debt Recovery streamlined approach to adjudication we received all monies owed to us a short period of time.

Thank you Anthony & Mel for all your help and support as it was the first time we had had to go through this and you made it very simple. I would recommend Debt Recovery to anyone who is waiting on overdue payments.

I was in a great financial crisis last year in June 2015 as my client who is a prominent property group took a U turn on the payment of my invoices amounting $77,000.00. I had done over 35 Designs for his projects one after the other and I trusted them that they will pay my fees. However, they started twisting my arm to accept $ 22,800.00 only and started disputing on many items of my invoices which were clearly made a part of our signed contract. It was very frustrating.

I started searching legal help in the internet and found Contractors Debt Recovery’s website and came to know about Anthony Igra who had a number of references and testimonials on the company’s web portal.

After reading a few I developed confidence that all is not lost yet. I found a ray of hope to recover my payment from the dishonest, cunning and cheating developer. Thereafter I contacted him on the telephone and went along with his advice which had a number of steps including submission of my signed contracts for each of the 35 cases, copies of the certified and completed designs and the invoices.

Anthony with his professional expertise and vast experience of recoveries of debts prepared everything on my behalf and served on the Respondent. Although the client had prominent lawyers who responded to the letters, they had no experience in dealing with Anthony on this subject. Anthony systematically nullified their legal responses and moved the claim to adjudication.

The adjudicator examined the submissions thoroughly and the terms of contract based on AS 4122 – Conditions of Contract for Design Consultants. Their interpretation of the terms and examination of my claims resulted in a determination for the respondent to pay $56,800.00 to me within a week which included fees of $5,445.00. I saw the client who had a band wagon of experienced and clever lawyers desperate to pay my cheque of $56,800.00 before the deadline as they were very much scared of the consequences of disobeying the Adjudicator - and Anthony’s next move.

I, who had lost my confidence earlier, feel very strong. The 36 page verdict of the Adjudicator has recharged my batteries to claim the balance payments held up by this developer.

I take this opportunity to laud Anthony for his professional ability to recover such a large amount. It was a very hard slap on the Respondent’s face. These guys have a very bad reputation in the market and bad payment history as most of the electricians who met me had been unpaid at some stage or the other and they stopped working for them.

It gives us great pleasure writing our thoughts regarding your business.

Our company was tired of being ripped off by greedy builders. After taking the time to investigate debt collectors, we chose you.

Your professionalism, prompt attention and continuous communication was remarkable. WE WON THE CASE YOU PRESENTED FOR US. Bloody awesome and thank you!! We have purchased site diaries and variation forms which have been put into practice with great success. We are constantly looking at your website videos and are now very confident with paperwork, photos, reconciliations, etc. Your name has been passed on to other contractors.

Huge appreciation.

Thank you very much to Anthony and the team at CDR for their dedication and pursuit to reclaim unpaid invoices after a builder refused to pay out standing invoices and tried to convert them to back charges using a clause in their own contract as an excuse for non-payment.

They used their own In-house lawyer to try any angle and lie with photos and fake statements in their paperwork to avoid payment. The adjudicator saw through the lies to allocate 100% off the claim made in my favour as well as the adjudication cost to be reimbursed by the builder. I would not hesitate to use CDR and security of payment for my next non-payer, as well as promote the use of it by others in the same situation.

Thank you to Contractors Debt Recovery for all of your expert and professional help in taking our case to Adjudication. Your preparation of the case for submission to the adjudicator was first class. This is evidenced by the fact that the adjudicator took relatively little time to make a decision markedly in our favor. I would recommend your services unreservedly. Thank you again.

I highly recommend using contractors debt recovery as they have full knowledge of the powerful adjudication process and all the legal jargon and terms that go with it.

With them in your corner you are pretty much guaranteed to get paid as I did. I will be using them for all future money disputes!

I was owed $14,500 by a builder after we had completed brick work on a new house. I had no success with getting this money and the builder would not even try and come to an arrangement to finalise this outstanding amount. I found Contractors Debt Recovery on the internet and was able to be reimbursed this amount plus interest. It took a few months but they did all the work for me, and I just had to wait. Very easy, very efficient and with good advice. Would recommend this to anybody having trouble in the building trade.

Being a small business, we had previously tried to recover small overdue debts ourselves with not much luck. When a substantial debt came about with no resolution in sight we sought the help of Anthony and his team at Contractors Debt Recovery. There is only a small window to act upon the Security Payments Act in Victoria and thanks to Anthony and Melanie they got the ball rolling immediately. Understanding how this works in Victoria was vital to our success. They kept in constant contact and walked us through all the steps needed to recover our money. We would never hesitate to contact Contractors Debt Recovery should we ever run into debt collection problems again.

Thank you Anthony and Melanie for all of your help and support through this process.

I have known of Contractors Debt Recovery for some time now, having been enlightened on several occasions at some industry seminars. I have spoken to Anthony and sought advice over the years which has helped us immensely in the pursuit of on time payments. Recently I had one of those happen that Contractors Debt Recovery always talks about, get your PO with payment terms etc. As usual the job was a rush and after many telephone conversations and unanswered emails we finally got a PO with payment terms and we were diligent from the start of the job in keeping time sheets and forwarding weekly spreadsheets for approval.

We received little to no return correspondence and when their fax number continually rang out the alarm bells were starting to get louder. I phoned Anthony and briefed him on our situation as the first payment due date had well and truly gone, phone calls every day and emails, (not answered or returned). CDR made the whole process easy and painless, I forwarded all our correspondence which they collated and lodged on our behalf.

During this period we finally received some short payments but still no answer as to when we would be paid. Once they received notification of the upcoming adjudication they emailed us a payment schedule outlining payments would be made but up to 4 months late and asking us not to proceed to adjudication. We continued to ensure we had an adjudication decision.

We got it and were "Paid In Full" one week later! Thank you Contractors Debt Recovery!

I had been having a difficult time getting payment from one of my clients. Always next week or another excuse.
A friend of a friend recommended Anthony to me and from the first call to them I felt confident I was in good hands. I was kept well informed with the process and am sure I would not have been paid if not for their efforts.
My calls and emails were always answered promptly and any questions answered. I would not hesitate to engage Anthony's services again should the need arise.

Thanks for freeing up my time so that I could concentrate on making money, not chasing it.

Dear Anthony,

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for the recent success which enabled my company to continue to operate in the face of complete ruin.

At the time we had engaged Contractors Debt Recovery we were facing certain liquidation which would have seen our years of hard work vanish into thin air. The speed and accuracy of the process was a result of a detailed and thorough knowledge of the most intimate workings of the Security of Payments Act. We were informed at every step of the way and the determination of the adjudicator was precisely what was predicted.

We were concerned that we would lose our work if we followed this pathway. Our decision to seek and accept your assistance was a very difficult one, and one which we did not make lightly. In hindsight it was a mistake not to seek your assistance much earlier. We continue to grow and our clients continue to provide us with the work we were so fearful of losing. My staff and I wish to thank you sincerely for your superb service and skill and highly recommend your organisation to anyone suffering the injustice we had endured.

I want to thank Anthony and his team for recovering my money which seemed like a distant dream to me. After a year and a half of hardships, excuses and multiple never ending defect lists which had little to do with us, I was very quickly losing hope in ever seeing the money. Furthermore I had frightening visions of never ending costs going through the court system without any guarantee of receiving the money. I appointed Anthony and his crew, the fee proposal and turnaround time was specified in black and white and lo and behold I saw my money bounce into my account 6-8 weeks later. I would gladly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery to any of my contractors. Outstanding work guys!

Thank you Anthony and his team for the fantastic work in recovering my money. The process was made simple from the first phone call. Any questions I had were always addressed and explained in simple terms which gave me reassurance and confidence that this was the right thing to do, because at times it all seemed too hard. The only regret I have was waiting so long to contact them. All that said I hope never have to use contractors debt recovery services again, but if I find my company in the same situation, Anthony and his team will be right there with me. Thanks again Anthony, the dedication and passion you have for your work is outstanding.

I was referred to Contractors Debt Recovery by a friend of mine when I mentioned I was having trouble recovering debt from a recent job. Thanks to Anthony, Melanie, and the team. They were able to recover most of the debt that was owed. I highly recommend to use Contractors Debt Recovery to assist you with recovering your debt over paying solicitors and lawyers. Thanks Anthony.

The team at Contractors Debt Recovery have been so helpful and professional with my case with the result of total payment. When you need to get your money the team at CDR are at the top of their game.

A Great result. Thank you. Contractors debt recovery and finally got my money. No fuss and easy going approach. 6 months of emails and time wasting. I could not see an end to my drama. After engaging Anthony I didn't know what to expect nothing seemed to be happening, but within weeks was all very straight forward and with the result I was looking for. I would not hesitate in recommending and using your services again.

I contacted Anthony from CDR after being referred to him from Versatile Building Consultants. We were owed nearly $40,000 on a project, and it didn't look like we had much hope of getting it back. Anthony took care of the whole recovery process for us, and kept us informed of what was happening. Receiving the letters of response from the client was a bit disheartening sometimes, as it looked like they were going to get the upper hand on us, but in the end we recovered 100% of what we were owed - a testament to Anthony's skill in handling this process. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony / CDR, and will certainly be using them again in the future should the need arise.

We have a Gyprock and Plasterboard Service Company which is only a small concern. We had been working for years at times for a much larger Contractor. On this last large project we were doing for this Contractor, he started delaying payment continually, claiming you get paid when I get paid. He kept on querying Invoices, so we would ask to meet to discuss any queries or concerns on these Invoices, which we did, he would say everything was fine he was happy and okay payment, then he would renege on it and still not pay, and he would just find something else on the Invoices to query. We decided to leave the job, realising if we kept on working on this job, the outstanding amount owed was just going to get larger.

We sent several Accounts rendered, they were ignored. We knew about the Security of Payment Scheme, and were lucky enough to be given Anthony’s phone number. His down to earth manner and tell it like it is style gave you confidence , that it doesn’t matter how big the company you go up against and how small you are, if you have done the work, you deserve to be paid. Anthony started the process to go to through the adjudication process. Even when the other Company delivered documents trying it’s best to stop the process going through Adjudication. It was intimidating at the time, but Anthony said put it in the trash. Also when the Adjudication seemed to be taking longer than we thought it should, we were thinking this is not looking good. Anthony emailed back don’t get disheartened guys it is only a process.

So all we can say is have faith and don’t get disheartened and let Anthony and his team get you the money you have worked for and deserve. Thankyou Anthony we certainly will be recommending your services, and we thank you for attaining our payment of $131,000.

We had been unsuccessfully chasing money owed to us for nine months. After chatting with Anthony we decided to put this matter into the hands of Contractors Debt Recovery. They filed all the paper work for us and successfully retrieved $11,520.58. Before coming across Anthony, we were paralysed by fear in regard to this matter. We have no hesitation in recommending Contractors Debt Recovery. Thank you for all you have done.

We had been chasing in excess of 7 outstanding invoices for over 6 months only to be told we would not be getting paid them even though most of them had purchase orders from the company refusing to pay them. We were referred to Anthony and the team from Contractors Debt Recovery from a friend and couldn't believe how simple, easy and stress free the whole process was, from start to finish they dealt with the company in question and we received payments of all our outstanding invoices being in the excess of $17k. We are very grateful for everything you did for us , I highly recommend and would use your services again'.

We were referred to Contractors Debt Recovery by a friend of ours to recover a debt we thought we would never see. But thanks to Anthony, Melanie and the team they were able to recover the full amount we were owed plus interest. The team at Contractors Debt Recovery were professional and work promptly to recover our debt. I highly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery to anyone who has a debt to recover.

Being in business can be challenging at best but when a client refuses to pay for work completed, it makes it even more difficult especially when a large amount of money is involved. After months and months of back and forth and promises of payment from our client, we had no idea what step to take next. We contacted a Lawyer, who quite honestly after discussing our situation of an almost $7000 debt owed to us, admitted that his fees and the time taken (months and years in court) would be extraordinary.

As the Assistant, I researched online to find an appropriate course of action that could help resolve this issue. Contractors Debt Recovery was one of the companies that came into play and we’ve worked with Anthony right until the end and our issue was resolved. This is the first time with us dealing with this type of situation of not being paid. Not only did Anthony make us feel comfortable with the whole process, he was professional and extremely informative when we needed advice. We highly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery if you are having issues with obtaining payment from your client. Anthony we are so grateful for your help and guidance through this difficult situation and are extremely pleased with the result.

Dear Anthony, I'm very impressed with the result you have achieved for me and in the manner in which you did so: Professional, courteous, and effective. 5 Stars mate! Since I started working with you any contractor that I hear say he isn't being paid, and doesn't know what to do, I immediately tell them to stop wasting time and money and get with the Contractors Debt Recovery program.

Contractors Debt Recovery really assisted our business work its way through the adjudication process. We are a small company and don’t have access to the legal and contracting departments that our main contractors possess. Outsourcing our debt recovery action allowed us to focus on our ongoing business whilst knowing a professional firm was ensuring that we met all the requirements necessary for the adjudication process. Contractors Debt Recovery was straightforward and efficient and importantly gave us an edge that we wouldn’t have had if we went through the process ourselves.

Anthony and the team of Contractors Debt Recovery have made what we thought was going to be a tedious and extremely long process proceed very quickly, efficiently and successfully. We were the 'little guy' up against the 'big boys' and didn’t think we would see our $45K. Contractors Debt Recovery proved us wrong and in around 3 weeks from start to finish the account was paid in full. We would not hesitate in highly recommending Contractors Debt Recovery to anyone with overdue accounts. Their prompt action, professionalism and understanding of the processes were second to none. Thank you again!

We had been chasing an outstanding account for over 3 months only to be told we are not paying any more money. This job had been ongoing for 18 months so a lot of time and money had been tied up in it. We were recommended by a close friend to contact Anthony at Contractors Debt Recovery, he told us he had very good results with the company. We contacted Anthony in October 2013 and had all our money owed to us plus interest and adjudication costs in January 2014. Anthony took us through the procedure step by step we knew exactly what was going on and what the costs would be for each process. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony and his team at Contractors Debt Recovery.

We engaged Contractors Debt Recovery to assist in the recovery of over $380 000 for a company we were administering in order to recover funds for creditors. CDR prepared a detailed and thorough submission that sent clear and strong messages regarding our position to the debtor. Within 5 weeks we received full payment. This was an outstanding result.

Although our debt was not a large amount, after a year full of bad debts through contractors being liquidated, it was the last straw when a builder scheduled our payment for a solar hot water tank replacement to zero. The efficiency in which they sent the notices through made us believe they were very experienced in NOT paying accounts. I contacted my solicitor who does a great job for me normally, and his advice was to contact someone who specializes in the ‘Security of Payments’ scheme. I was put onto the Contractors Debt Recovery team, and after supplying Anthony with the documentation required the process was fast and painless and our debt was recovered in full with interest. Thank you Anthony, Melanie & team. We will be using CDR in the future and have been recommending them to all subbies who are experiencing the same sort of problems. $4,786.21 recovered.

To Anthony, Melanie and the CDR team let me start by saying what a professional organisation you have. We came to you with a mountain of paperwork and a large amount of money outstanding and no way of ever receiving it. Anthony, you were like a breath of fresh air, you took us on board, gave us hope and kept us up to date at all times and showed nothing but professional service at all times. The adjudicated amount ($45548.73) has been paid and it is such a relief that it is all over. You took the stress away from us throughout the whole process. I have and will always recommend Contractors Debt Recovery for debt collecting. Keep up the great work!

I had been chasing my money for over 12 months and getting nowhere. Same old empty promises Contractors Debt Recovery was promoted to me by my industry association so I thought I would give them a go. Anthony Igra was straight onto my quest for payment and made it all so easy and straight forward to get the ball rolling In what seemed the ‘blink of an eye’ the payment was received in full.

I also find the regular advisory Client Bulletins showing tips and tricks on doing business a very good resource. A very professional team and would highly recommend them

As a plumber I had a payment problem with a long standing customer on their own house, which took 6 years to build and is still going. The customer did not want to pay for changes/delays. Wrong instructions and my increased effort to solve architectural problems, disputes between husband and wife, poor management and misleading behaviour by their project manager, this contract was an unsigned estimate. I conservatively asked for $87,483 extra but was rebuffed and told “we didn’t have the money, our solicitor and advices said not to pay”…and late night calls from the owner.

I dilly dallied for a few months not wanting to upset the customer, whilst I paid interest and fielded calls from my trade suppliers, utilities and credit card suppliers, and went into overdraft. I contacted Contractors Debt Recovery and within 1 month I was paid.

I didn’t fully understand the process but Anthony and Melanie were fully supportive. If you have a genuine payment problem, I can recommend Contractors Debt Recovery.

Today I finally received the money that was outstanding to my company, thanks to you and your team @ CDR. Can’t say how much I appreciate the help and service you guys have provided, and thank you again for taking the time to explain the details to the process.
I would recommend anyone chasing overdue accounts to contact the Contractors Debt Recovery.

It has been a pleasure to have been involved with an organisation that is truly committed and constantly provides exceptional customer service.

From our first meeting we started to feel comfortable that you knew what we wanted and went about developing our requirements in a confident and professional manner.

Everybody has a horror story about their experience in the recovery of monies but your organisation has provided a professional service throughout the ordeal.

We are delighted with the result that you have produced and have no hesitation in providing your and alternative with our highest recommendation.

Hi Anthony, I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work you have done for us. Your work was done quick and efficiently. I would highly recommend and would use your services again.

Thank you again.

"I am so grateful for Contractors Debt Recovery. After fighting for payment from a roofing company for several months I engaged Contractors Debt Recovery’s services. It took 5 months and went all the way to the courts but Contractors Debt Recovery never let it go. They were on top of the debtor all the way through and steered me in the right direction. I would never have been paid without them. I would recommend these guys to anybody."

We engaged Contractors Debt Recovery to assist us in recovering some old debts from a developer in South Australia. Upon being engaged by us CDR were extremely efficient and kept us informed as to progress every step of the way. The old debt was recovered very quickly with minimal issue on our behalf, therefore we would highly recommend CDR’s services to anyone requiring help with debt collection – we won’t be using anyone else!

Hi Anthony, I would like to thank you very much for your help in recovering the money that was owed to me. The adjudicated amount ($15,860.03) has been paid by cheque and now cleared. I was always being informed as to what was happening with my claim and what to expect next. It took a large load off my shoulders having you prepare our claim for us, as I am quite sure without Contractors Debt Recovery I would still be trying to get paid. Also thank you to Melanie for her assistance. I would be very happy to recommend to others in the same predicament that I was in, to get in contact with you.

Thanks again for the very professional service. It is great to know there is a company like yours assisting small business with debt collecting. We have only had two issues with payment and both times you have worked with us to a successful outcome.

Contractors Debt Recovery made simple of what seemed complex. Our debt dated back to over a year old, but it only took approximately 5 months to have this matter resolved and full payment plus most costs paid to us. It was our first attempt trying to collect through SOPA and it has made us realise the benefit of such an act and that we can utilise this ACT more often in the future. Thank you to Anthony, Melanie and the Team for your help.

Using Contractors Debt Recovery gave us peace of mind. We had tried to handle the debt recovery process ourselves but misinterpreted some of the timings and thought we had lost our chance to recover the monies owed to us. We contacted Anthony who assured us we could start the process over. Being a small business we did not want to make the same mistakes again so were very comfortable leaving our claim submission in the hands of Contractors Debt Recovery. It gave us confidence knowing Anthony would ensure the paperwork would all be managed within the timeframe & formats required. We knew we had a good case but Anthony strengthening our argument and this boosted our confidence of a positive outcome. Sure enough we were awarded victory via the Adjudication process and received our hard earned $11,962.00 from the client. We are extremely happy with the outcome and have every praise for Contractors Debt Recovery and in particular Anthony Igra’s professionalism and in depth knowledge of the workings of Security of Payment legislation. Thank you.

After completing approx. $700,000 worth of work for a large Sydney developer, the final claim of $88,000 was not forthcoming. Initially, we received all the usual excuses and then they stopped replying to phone calls and emails. We engaged CDR and within 3 days, Anthony and his team had filed an application for adjudication. The following week, we received a phone call from the developer’s solicitor who claimed he had instructions from his client to settle the matter. We did so on our terms and the money was in our account the following day. It has been a pleasure working with Anthony and his team. They are committed to getting you your money - Anthony remained in touch even while he was on holidays! The whole process was easy and effective.

I am a Tiler that was owed close to $35,000 from a builder that I contracted to do the work for. After 2-3 months of contacting the builder for payment and every time I was told ‘we'll talk tomorrow, next week, when he gets back to the office’ bla bla bla etc etc etc, it was obvious that I was not getting anywhere with them. So I contacted Contractors Debt Recovery and spoke to Anthony regarding this issue with a mountain of paper work; and Anthony will tell you all that as well. He took the paper work and run through everything with me like he was reading the front page of the "Daily Telegraph". Anthony made it look so easy and lifted the stress and frustration from me and took it on board. Through the couple of weeks leading up to the Adjudication Determination, honestly I never thought about anything , Anthony and Melanie made me feel I was in good hands, and as for yesterday the FULL amount of the money was paid and now it’s back to business as usual.

Contractors Debt Recovery provided an ethical, methodical, evidence-based debt recovery service, promptly delivered – an education in itself and a quite painless and persistent pursuit of a seemingly inevitable result
Contractors Debt Recovery is commended for anyone in the Building Industry experiencing unfairly withheld payments.

After almost a year being played around and waiting for my money, Anthony had it all sorted out in 2 weeks! Anthony and his team were fantastic, approachable and in constant communication, unlike the former client I was dealing with.

Thanks guys.

Our 100% success on this occasion can only be attributed to Contractors Debt Recovery as we had gotten to adjudication previously and luckily did not go ahead ourselves. I am looking forward to participating in your Webinars and will pass recommendations to any persons requiring help in the future. Good work a job well done.

"They took the hassle and complication away from an otherwise stressful situation. Would definitely use them again"

I'm a carpenter who was owed over $9,000 by the builder I subcontracted for. After months of chasing him up, I engaged Contactors Debt Recovery to help me get my money. They were extremely easy and friendly to deal with, and I didn't have to worry about anything - they organised everything for me and explained the process as we went, which was a nice change from the prior months of trying to get my money on my own. The builder paid the amount owing in full, which I don't believe I would have received had I gone it alone. I found CDR to be extremely efficient, professional and empathetic to my situation. Thank you very much Anthony and Melanie.

I contacted Anthony at Contractors Debt Recovery (in frustration) after a month of trying to recover $6,500. I wasn't getting anywhere with my requests for payment. I got the usual stories - "the cheque is in the mail", "I posted it Friday", "I'll see what I can do". I have some knowledge of Security of Payment Act, but wasn't confident of pursuing it myself. After finding Contractor Debt Recovery on the internet, I spoke with Anthony & decided to give them a try. The paperwork was easy & the fee seemed reasonable. The claim was served. I had payment by EFT within a week of the claim being served. I'm glad I bit the bullet and took this step to recover money due. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Anthony, a huge thank you for helping us recover our disputed money, I was unsure of how to go about getting what was rightfully owed and wary as the work was for a well-known large commercial building firm, but you made it easy. Thanks again.

Hi Anthony
Yesterday’s outcome was really fantastic.
We would like to thank you and your team for the dedicated effort you put in regarding our Security of Payment Claim, your patience and service was outstanding. No questions were left unanswered and your knowledge of the Act was invaluable in regards to achieving our successful outcome.

Dear Anthony,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your help in recovery money for two of our claims recently.

One claim in particular had advanced to the point where the Sheriff Department became involved. I recently joined Cassin & Sons and took over the management of this Debt Recovery Claim half way through the process and it was a struggle for me to understand what had been happening as I am new to the Construction Industry as well. Anthony and Melanie were very helpful and provided me with information sheets for every stage of the process. Melanie was always available to answer my phone calls and emails in a very prompt manner.

I highly recommend enlisting the services of CDR to help recover your money. I found the information on the CDR website very helpful and used this to create our Credit Control Policy.

To the potential new Clients of CDR
Contractors Debt Recovery confidently took over our battle and recovered our monies with ease. At first I was uneasy and sceptical, and even scared to chase the monies, not quite knowing what to expect from past experiences. To our pleasant surprise, it was a smooth and uncomplicated process, with all the hard work taken care of. I didn’t have to understand too many legal terms and matters as it was all handled professionally by CDR. If I was ever unclear or unsure of anything, it was explained and defined clearly for me. Anthony’s confidence in our case was reassuring all the way, and was backed up with a successful outcome. I would recommend CDR to anyone trying to fight for monies that they are owed. It definitely beats wasting more time and money with lawyers!

Dear Anthony @ Contractors Debt Recovery,
I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping us resolve in a timely manner an outstanding account.

In my dealings with your organisation I found you and your staff to be very helpful, upfront and forthcoming all the way through. You have been fast to respond to any queries and your communication is impeccable.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other entities within the building industry that are need of services such as yours. Thank you once again and all the Best for Christmas and New Year (2013).

Anthony, Thank you for your expertise in this field. we cannot speak highly enough of the efficient, thorough and highly professional way in which Contractors Debt Recovery operate.

I had a matter with the builder refusing to pay me for some small cosmetic concrete cracks. We had engineer reports, letters, arguing it but the builder flat out refused to pay me. As adjudication is new here in South Australia, I decided to pursue the matter through adjudication.

Initially I paid some bogus lawyer $1000 + GST to handle my matter. He gave me incorrect information and produced no developments on my matter; the only developments were heaps of letters to and fro between myself and the builder. So I called CDR - and Anthony assured me I had a case after reviewing my matter. Anthony was extremely patient as I would ring him so many times and ask questions and want to know how my matter was developing. In the end I was awarded $15 000, and got paid. I would highly recommend Anthony and the team and CDR. He followed up my matter and got the result and still maintained contact with me after the matter was finalised. I would say Anthony went above and beyond to get me my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Our company had in excess of $100,000 owing from a client who refused to pay for trumped up reasons. We felt it was David versus Goliath and the road ahead was unclear to us. Anthony worked patiently with us, sorted the relevant from the irrelevant and pulled together a strong case. We were delighted with the outcome which exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for an excellent job, I highly recommend your services to any business or person chasing unpaid construction work debts, this is the first claim we have ran through the Security of Payment Act and I have now gained great confidence in this system. We had unsuccessfully tried for months to negotiate a resolution with a Building Contractor for variations that we had undertaken on a school project. The builder flatly refused to pay and was also holding onto retention money that was long overdue. I am very glad to say our entire claim of approx. 14k was paid in full prior to the adjudication process being completed. The builder did not want the adjudicator to make a decision because they knew it would not be in their favour.

This was in no doubt due to your excellent adjudication submission which was very concise and accurate. I was really impressed by your submission and in particular the way you nailed all the relevant issues and arguments and kept the submission to two pages long. I am certain that upon receiving the submission the builder realised that they could no longer hide behind misconstrued contract clauses. I was really surprised when within hours of receiving the adjudication submission I received an email from the builder to confirm payment of the entire claim.

I encourage all subbies to use your services and also to read and watch the info posted on your web site which is very helpful. Thanks again.

To, All Contractors
I would advise all contractors chasing outstanding construction debts to engage Contractors Debt Recovery to get you paid.

I engaged Contractors Debt Recovery to recover outstanding funds, previously I had tried lawyers who would cost thousands of dollars more without any luck to recover monies owed.

Contractors Debt Recovery were professional, precise, and most importantly delivered with getting my company paid on three occasions.

Hi Anthony, we received a fax with banking receipt yesterday from [Debtor]. The funds are in our account today and all good. Great outcome. I wasn’t feeling confident even with the adjudication determination but pleased they decided to pay without taking it further. Thanks for your assistance, hopefully I won’t have to use your service again, but with business I probably will have to. I am now pleased that I don’t have to chase debt on my own and that payment claims under the security of payment act work.

Great work guys. We were paid in full in a timely manner just like what Anthony told me. Will definitely recommend and use Contractors Debt Recovery again.

Anthony, it is with great pleasure that I write about what a great job Contractors Debt Recovery did. We were working for a client when they only offered 30% of the amount owing to us, which made me feel really sad and depressed. But after engaging CDR we recovered 100% of invoiced amount and with them also having to pay legal costs. Thanks again Anthony!

I am very happy that Contractors Debt Recovery was able to get back $10500 from a contractor who had not paid for about 5 months. There is no way I could have done it myself!

We found Contractors Debt Recovery exceptionally professional and efficient. It saved us a lot of money from engaging legal firms to assist us with the retrieval of our debt, and thanks to Anthony exceptional expertise and persistence, we achieved the best possible outcome within only weeks after the commencement of lodging our claim. We can highly recommend the services of this Company to any individual or company who are owed moneys.

We have engaged the services of Contractors Debt Recovery on behalf of various construction clients over the past 12 months. Contractors Debt Recovery demonstrates a high level of customer service and their staff are very professional and efficient. Our dealings with Contractors Debt Recovery have always been positive and have resulted in a high percentage of debt recovery and contract resolutions. Anthony and his staff have a thorough knowledge of the construction industry, which is vital when deciding on a collection agent to use.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services on Contractors Debt Recovery.

After chasing money for months from a builder, I stumbled across Contractors Debt Recovery by chance on the internet. From day one Anthony and his team handled everything for me, even when I freaked out about deadlines Anthony always reassured me that he had everything under control, and he did! Finally after 9 months I got paid and with interest!! Thanks Contractors Debt Recovery.

I would strongly recommend Anthony and Contractors Debt Recovery to anyone who is in the unfortunate position of attempting to recover debts from bad clients. Contractors Debt Recovery provided us with step by step information on everything that was required and more importantly they were always available to answer our questions during the process. Furthermore, the documentation Anthony prepared for the Security of Payments submission was nothing short of exceptional.

Finally, a team that can hold businesses accountable for their unscrupulous practices against independent sole sub-contractors. Anthony and his team at Contractors Debt Recovery provided me with a cost effective and stress-free service to assist invoking rights contained within the security of payments legislation.

The outcome from the adjudication process was a substantial financial recovery, and a moral win against a company that had tried to lie it's way to a greedier profit margin.

It was reassuring and relieving to have such expert advice and considerate support throughout the process.

I cannot recommend more highly than CDR for negotiating these matters.

I would highly recommend using Contractors Debt Recovery as they are the only way we have found joy in getting the money we are owed, and at a reasonable price

We have been chasing a bad debt for over a year and a half now. Quite a substantial one for a small business to carry. Anthony and Melanie were relentless and their endeavors finally paid off when we received a cheque in the mail from the Sheriff’s Office. They never missed a date or a deadline and were fantastic with their advice and instructions which were specific and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery as an efficient and cost effective way of recovering bad debt.

I contacted CDR with some hesitation, fearing that engaging their service will only result in further losses to me. That was certainly not the outcome. It was a very positive experience from the initial phone call I made to the $13,936 cheque I received for full payment of my debt. Thank you CDR. I could not have done it without you.

Contractors Debt Recovery provided excellent, professional advice and a stress free, comprehensive debt recovery process. They were a pleasure to work with and provided a very successful result including the recovery of costs.

Recently we experienced a spate of "Bad Debts" of significant size on various building sites. These were so debilitating that we turned to the legal profession for assistance. This became a costly, time consuming exercise in futility and frustration.

Although the matters handed over to the Solicitors were eventually resolved the time involved and the cost of reaching a conclusion did not reflect well on the dollars recovered.

One of these bad debts, rejected by the solicitors as futile, was returned to us. Believing we had a case to argue we turned to Contractors Debt Recovery who steered the matter successfully through the Adjudication System of the Security of Payments Legislation. This was accomplished with both speed and cost effectiveness.

We cannot speak highly enough of the team of professionals at Contractors Debt Recovery. We recommend that any sub-contractor embroiled in a dispute for payment seek assistance from the skilled experts at Contractors Debt Recovery. Their advice is worth the time lost to discuss a way though the mire of bad debt.

With our sincere thanks.

We contacted Contractors Debt Recovery to run two Security of Payment claims both of which would require the use of the new NSW amendment. Our client needed to recover the money directly from the Principal. In both claims significant amounts were found in our clients favour due to the detailed and comprehensive submissions prepared by Anthony and his team. A total of $360 277 + $163 848: $524 125.00 was recovered quickly. Contractors Debt Recovery were very skilled and fast in their use of the amendment and our client was paid immediately upon presentation of the Debt Certificate. This was a great outcome. We and our client are thankful for the great service we received.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how pleased I am with the process and the way you've handled things for us. I have been down this route before but not using the SOP Act and CDR. With the solicitor it took months and lots of dollars and time at the solicitors office including meeting with a barrister for a court hearing which all amounted to almost as much as the debt. By the time I'd finally gotten judgment from the court, I was told I still needed to spend lots more money to have it enforced and that the Sherriff's office would take at least 9 months to get to the enforcement of the order etc. as they were snowed under. Eventually the company went into liquidation and we got zilch.

CDR have gotten me to the same point within 5 weeks with little effort on my part. Thanks again.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Melanie on the professional way you handled our two claims. The skilled and proficient approach you both showed during the debt collection process, helped us collect within six weeks over 95% of the debt owing to us. Your follow up phone calls, and explanation of the what to expect from the courts, and the adjudicator, helped us understand in detail the process. I hope that we won’t need your services in the future but if they are required, I know that there is someone professional to turn to. Thank you very much.

Anthony from CDR provided us with prompt professional advice in resolving an outstanding payment dispute we were faced with. Through his determination and incredibly efficient service we were paid money immediately that had been rightfully outstanding to us for months. A big thank you to Anthony and the team at Contractors Debt Recovery.

I just wanted to thank you for helping us get our money. After chasing a shopfitter for an outstanding amount of money for owed for more than 6 months and after receiving some very threatening letters from the defendants lawyers, I had almost given up. Until I was introduced to Anthony a Contractors Debt Recovery. After speaking with Anthony on the phone I regained my confidence and decide to act and get my money back.

It didn’t happen overnight but we were successful and were awarded 100% plus costs. After the client blatantly refused to pay we went to the next level and imposed a garnishee order with the banks to get our money. A little more time went by. And then I opened the mail to find a bank cheque for the full amount. I was wrapped with the outcome and rang Anthony to tell him the good news. The team at Contractors Debt Recovery are easy to deal with and always there when I needed a question answered. I personally would recommend the team at Contractors Debt Recovery and have used them since for several other claims.

My advice to everyone is, follows the steps and listen to Anthony. Do the job, get paid and don’t stress about it anymore. Let Contractors Debt Recovery take care of any problems with payments!

Anthony, just a short note to thank you for your excellent adjudication application which resulted in a resounding win and prompt payment.
A turnaround of miniscule proportions compared to the court system, almost restores my belief in "the system". I would recommend any one in the construction industry to have your direct number on speed dial.
Once again thanks for a job well done.

Having utilised the services of Contractor's Debt Recovery with successful outcomes in the past, we confidently engaged their services again when a high profile company dodged every attempt to pay us for a long list of variations to the original contract. We forwarded our documentation to Anthony and left him to do what he knows best! Although we had personally chased the Client for over a year to no avail, in no time at all Anthony’s work resulted in recovering the $15,000 we were owed. Thanks again!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help in getting the monies owed to us..

Torraca Metal Roofing took on a project for [debtor] at the Domestic Airport T2 at the start of 2011. We completed all contracted works and a lot of extra's (variations) as well, the last claim was sent in and was dismissed almost entirely for no particular reason. If it was not for Anthony and the team at Contractors Debt Recovery we would never have been paid the $100,144.00 owed to us. This would have crippled our business. Anthony and the team took care of everything for us for a very reasonable fee. They have helped us in a number of smaller cases which have all turned out for our favour. We would encourage other contractors to use Contractors Debt Recovery’s service, it will help. Thanks again Anthony.

"We used Contractors Debt Recovery for the 1st time by recommendation from another company in the building trade. Although the amount being claimed was small we thought it would be great experience as a small business to try & re-coup the money that was clearly owed to us. Anthony at Contractors Debt Recovery was very proficient and professional, and immediately advised us if we had a strong case. Once we provided all necessary details Anthony handled the rest, with the end result in our favour with the debtor being issued a notice to pay us immediately. We would have no hesitation in using Contractors Debt Recovery again or referring them to colleagues".

"Contractors Debt Recovery prepared paperwork which saw our roofing company reclaim over $11,500 in debt. A great introduction to the Security of Payments Act and how easy it is to get those guys we all love to hate".

After chasing a builder for an outstanding invoice for 6 or more months, I had given up hope of ever getting my money. Then I was told of Anthony and his team at CONTRACTORS DEBT RECOVERY. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After a telephone conversation with Anthony, they got the ball rolling. To my surprise I received the money I was due and it took only 3 to 4 weeks.

They were always there when i needed a question answered. I personally thank Anthony, Melanie and the team for the service and outcome you have provided for my company. I highly recommend Contractors Debt Recovery and will definitely use them again if needed.

We had issues with a particular customer who always came back to us with the same excuse "I haven't been paid therefore I can1t pay you"! We also found out that some other suppliers were waiting for months and a couple of them for years therefore we decided not to wait any longer because we had the impression we would have faced the same situation soon . We came across Contractors Debt Recovery and they studied all the available documentation thoroughly and prepared the claim accordingly. In less than 10 business days we recovered our 60K debt. As far as I know other suppliers are still waiting an answer, let alone payment...
I strongly recommend the Contractors Debt Recovery team if you want to recover you money in the quickest and most reliable way!

In the course of completing a large wireless communication project, Wireless Data Solution had a need to recover long term unpaid debt.

We had been referred to Contractors Debt Recovery, and we decided that instead of trying up our own management resources we would engage a professional organisation that focused on the current legislation and had a proven track record of successful outcomes when undertaking debt recovery under the Security of Payment Act legislation.

Anthony from Contractors Debt Recovery, requested our invoice and related communications correspondence and when that was provided he took over the matter completely and apart from some minor clarification on some complete technical matters, Anthony processed our claim through to a successful adjudication for our company, and to money in the bank. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Contractors Debt Recovery.

We are a small plumbing firm and our bottom line was severely compromised when a Strata Agent refused to pay for all the work we had done. A friend of mine told me about Adjudication process with the Security of Payments Act, so I searched the internet and came across Contractors Debt Recovery. I hesitated at first, as I thought our amount of $11,000.00 was “small fry” but after contacting Anthony of Contractors Debt Recovery, who did all the paperwork and the Adjudication submissions, and was tenacious in his approach not only with the Agents but with the Bank who held their account and were in cahoots with the Agent and tried to ignore the Adjudicators decision, (in order to hold onto the Strata Agents business) subsequently we were paid the full amount plus interest accrued. Anthony contacted me regularly to keep me up to date on the matter and I was free to ring him at anytime with any queries.

I would recommend Contractors Debt Recovery to any business who has trouble in collecting unpaid and overdue accounts. I learnt that my work is worth more before I do the job than after the job is done; other people try and put a value on that work under Anthony’s business ethic. I also learnt that I may be a good bloke to my friends but in business I have to be ruthless. I had spent time, materials, and labour in an emergency situation, and after solving the problem and doing a good job I was held to ransom when they wouldn’t pay the bill and only wanted to pay a token amount of it.

With the help of Anthony of Contractors Debt Recovery, that will never be a problem and all small businesses who deal under the Security of Payments Act should have Anthony on their speed dial.

Thanks again Anthony

Thank you Anthony/Contractors Debt Recovery for achieving exactly what you claim "Turning excuses into payments". We found our experience with you easy as the burden of processing correctly was taken from us and handled with extreme competence by you and your firm.

I am glad that I stumbled across you through your website and then a friendly phone conversation that followed. It was worth every cent for getting Contractors Debt Recovery to get my hard earned money from what-was-to-be a non-payer. It took a bit of time but was worth it in the end and hassle free. Was very happy to receive a cheque for the full amount including fees, the one I thought I would never see. Anthony thanks again and will surely call you if a situation like this occurs in the future.

After a couple of written emails to Anthony to see if we had a case for claim under the Security of Payments Act, we had confirmation from Anthony that he believed we did.

From my first verbal conversation with Anthony, one thing stuck in my mind and that was he said that we Tradies needed to "Grow Some Balls" and stop letting these construction companies, builders and clients run off with money that they clearly owed us.

Now I am a follower and disciple of Anthony and CDR.

After commencing a business with a friend who I sub-contracted to, carrying out painting works and administration duties for 6 months and receiving only part payment for invoices, I was suddenly shocked when my friend decided he no longer needed my services and did not believe that he now owed me around $90k. As I had no formal contract and all works were carried out under only a verbal agreement, I believed that was the end of it and I faced financial ruin.

I stumbled upon CDR and Anthony Igra on the Internet and thought well I've got nothing to lose. After the "Grow Some Balls" conversation I decided to take Anthony's enthusiasm on board and chase my money, still a bit sceptical of retrieving anything; remember it was only a verbal agreement.

During the claim process, I had a terrible loss in the family and the whole issue was the least thing I was interested in. I didn't care about the money or the claim process.

This is where Anthony Igra showed his real integrity, by gently persuading me to continue the claim. Without Anthony's enthusiasm I would of walked away and given up. I didn't need the additional stress or heartache at the time. Anthony took the responsibility on himself and continued the claim. The claim went to adjudication where it was ruled that my so called mate had to repay me over $37k and 100% of the arbitration costs plus interest. A fantastic result: remember there was no written contract of any kind.

Dedication, persistence, integrity and balls!! Anthony Igra and CDR have bags of them. CDR should be a new religion for tradies; I know.. I'm a disciple.

Spread the word, use CDR and chase your hard earned money.

Thanks Anthony and CDR.

We recently engaged Contractors Debt Recovery to assist us in claiming $122K from a retailer who put up many excuses for non payment.

Anthony was brilliant with his tenacious determination and his thorough knowledge of the Security of Payments System.

This avoided a costly and lengthy litigation process when only the lawyers win!

Thanks again Anthony for your support

We thought of giving up, but Contractors Debt Recovery got back our final payment ($130 000) from the hardest, richest, and most difficult client that we have ever deal with!! Thanks Again!!

As a company we recently used Contractors Debt Recovery to retrieve some money which was over due to us. We were a bit cautious at first but it was the best decision we have ever made and worth every cent we paid to get it.

Anthony was terrific with his support, advice and determination to get the money using the right laws. We felt that we had someone on our side fighting very hard for us. It was a very successful outcome and all happening very quickly which was fantastic.

I would encourage any company with clients delaying to pay, don't hesitate and use Contractors Debt Recovery.

Anthony, we got the money.

I would like to personally thank you for all your help in assisting assisting in recovering the $78,488.74 from [the Builder] on the [name withheld] Public School.

Your continual and timely support is greatly appreciated.

I have no doubt that [the Builder] would not have paid had it not been for your support

"Before I discovered CDR I wasn't sure whether my company could cost effectively use the Security of Payments Act to recover $14,000 unfairly being withheld for months by a builder. I was wrong; and I saved both time and money by using CDR to help me run my claim. I got everything I claimed; and the builder was ordered to pay 100% of the Adjudicator's costs. I'm very happy with the result and next time I have dispute with a builder I won't wait months before deciding to use the Security of Payments Act to enforce my rights."

Electrician gets over $42 000 for a years worth of invoices

After continuing to work for a head contractor for a year, and amassing over 25 unpaid invoices the electrician made one last phone call to ask for his money. He was informed that he would not be paid. The electrician engaged Contractors Debt Recovery to prepare a payment claim for the whole amount. The head contractor quickly ‘lawyered up’ and sent the electrician a barrage of documentation, raising all sorts of reasons for not paying. It was all to no avail. Contractors Debt Recovery created the adjudication submissions. The underlying truth was that the electrician had done the work that was asked of him, and had not been paid. The adjudicator agreed and determined that the whole amount be paid. The head contractor then insisted on paying by instalments. Because the whole amount was not paid, the electrician was able to get an adjudication certificate and lodge the debt in Court.

After a successful garnishee order, the whole amount was paid within days. Start your Payment Claim now

Head Contractor tries the old ‘Pay you when I get Paid’ routine to avoid paying $55 000

An Air Conditioning contractor had engaged an electrical firm to install the electrical systems for some air conditioning units on a large construction project. But it was soon discovered that the electrical work required to install the A/C systems was considerably more than that set out in the plans. The electrical firm had to do a lot more work to get the job done. The Air Conditioning Contractor acknowledged that this was extra work, but said that they could not pay until they managed to convince the Head Contractor that the variation had to be paid. The Security of Payment Act does not permit ‘pay when paid’ arrangements. The electrical firm had Contractors Debt Recovery prepare both the Payment Claim and the Submissions.

After reading the application submission the Air Conditioning firm agreed to pay up if the electrical firm withdrew the adjudication application. Start your Payment Claim now

Interior Office Fit-Out Contractor digs in his heels for $10 000

This contractor completed a $50 000 job but the owner refused to pay the final claim of about $10 000. The contractor got Contractors Debt Recovery to prepare the claim. The owner then sent a Payment Schedule detailing all the reasons for not paying. They were nothing to do with the work, but rather revolved around issues of corporate entities, business cards, and other such trivia. After reading the adjudication application prepared by Contractors Debt Recovery, the owner resorted to submitting bogus defects reports. However the Security of Payment Act does not allow additional reasons for non-payment to be submitted, so the contractor was awarded the whole amount. The owner still would not pay and tried to have the matter heard in the Supreme Court. But the Act requires that the whole amount be paid into the Court before proceedings can begin. The Owner did this, the outcome is still not known. But the contractor is pleased that he was awarded the whole amount claimed, and that the Owner has now spent more than the claimed amount on lawyers and filing fees! He also had to pay for the adjudicator’s fees! Some people just don’t know when they’re beat. Start your Payment Claim now

Interior Designer gets her $7000

After supplying interior design services to a property developer for the construction of a huge residential block the developer refused to pay the final instalment. The designer asked Contractors Debt Recovery to serve the claim. The response was ferocious. The developer accused the designer of deception, and threatened to sue for $40 000. Undeterred she asked Contractors Debt Recovery to prepare and submit the adjudication application submissions. The adjudicator awarded the full amount to the designer. The developer then stated that he could not afford to pay the $7000, and so would pay by instalment at the rate of $500 a month. At the time the developer had just spent $6 000 000 on another development.

The designer lodged the adjudication certificate in court and garnisheed the whole amount from the developer’s account the next day. Start your Payment Claim now

Attempt at denying variations and docking back-charges fails. Head contractor coughs up $34 000

A fire systems company was engaged by a head contractor to install fire detection and warning systems in a large upgrading project. As the work progressed it became necessary to carry out additional work to the adjoining building in order for the systems to function correctly. The fire company did this work, but the head contractor then refused payment on the grounds that the additional work was not a variation, and was allowed for in the original scope of works. In addition the head contractor attempted to deduct over $7000 in “project management” fees.

After reading the adjudication submissions prepared by Contractors Debt Recovery, the head contractor called a meeting and the two parties negotiated a settlement on the condition that the adjudication application be withdrawn. The fire company got paid the next day by EFT. Start your Payment Claim now

Bricklayers get their $22 000 despite threats from developer, and the Sheriff emptied the developers office to get the other $4 000

When Contractors Debt Recovery were contacted to do this claim, they were told by the brickies that this would be an epic battle, as the developer had a long history of not paying subbies, threats and intimidation, and using lawyers to protect themselves. After serving the claim the developer’s lawyers sent a Payment Schedule claiming that the work done was a variation and because the variation process had not been followed no payment was to be made. They closed by offering to settle for about half the amount claimed. The bricklayers refused the offer and Contractors Debt Recovery lodged an adjudication application for the whole amount. The work the developer was saying was a variation was instead part of the quoted works. No variation was required. The adjudicator awarded the whole amount to the bricklayers and the developer had to pay all the adjudication fees. The developer paid $22 000 immediately, but refused to pay the adjudicator’s fees.

The bricklayers then lodged an adjudication certificate in the local court and via a Writ of Execution, had the Sheriff’s turn up at the developer’s office and start to remove furniture to sell to recoup the remaining $4 000. Given that he was working on another multi-million dollar deal, it would have been far easier to simply pay up and move on with life. Start your Payment Claim now
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